Why Tax Reform - Now?

If you can't afford your taxes now, how will you afford them next year when they're HIGHER?

we can stop the rising property taxes!

The Facts

  • Approximately 20% of New York homeowners pay 8-48% of their income in property taxes
  • Yearly property tax increases outstrip the consumer price index and dwarf any growth in personal income for most taxpayers

The Problems

  • Property taxes are antiquated
  • Property taxes are an inherently inequitable system
  • Excessive property taxes can literally force people from their homes

Change must take place at the state level.

To spur action, New York citizens need to communicate their demands for reform and tax relief to their governor, state assembly member and state senator.

The NY State Property Tax Reform Coalition exists to make sure that this message comes across loud and clear.

What's the Answer? Reach for the Circuit Breaker!

Learn how the Omnibus Circuit Breaker legislation will offer relief for NY State homeowners.