There Should Be a Law!

Legislation We Advocate

The New York State Property Tax Reform Coalition supports the Omnibus Circuit Breaker legislation for immediate property tax relief for those most burdened - and for reform of a regressive, confiscatory tax.

We're working for passage of these specific bills in the New York State legislature:

NYS Assembly bill #A5542-2011

NYS Senate bill #S912A-2011

NYS Senate bill #S4171-2011

NYS Assembly bill #A07673-2011

Effective circuit breaker relief like the Omnibus Circuit Breaker is the only option before the legislature that will provide property tax relief for the individual homeowner. Key benefits include:

• Relief targeted to truly over-burdened taxpayers if they have lived in their homes five or more years

• Relief based on the percentage of income paid in property taxes

• Relief increased over a four-year phase-in period in consideration of the state's fiscal situation

• Relief covering all local property taxes -the full burden of school and municipal

• Relief to people with the same income and the same property tax bill whether downstate or upstate

• Relief to renters (They do pay property taxes but through their rent)

• The circuit breaker does not affect school or municipal funding. The full property tax is paid when due and taxpayers get an individual credit or refund on their state income tax.

For details, go to our What is the Circuit Breaker? page.