Hardly a Day Goes by Without Reports on New York's Over-the-Top Property Taxes

NY Homeowners are at their limit

While income taxes aren't so bad in New York, property taxes are killing us.

Our local taxes are the highest in the United States - 79% higher than the national average. Our property taxes are at least 40% higher.**

Many New Yorkers can't pay their property taxes.

In the past few years, county governments have picked up part of the tab for the school tax portion of property taxes so schools don't start the year under-funded.**

For example...

Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties in the Hudson Valley have $100 million dollars in uncollectible school taxes in 2010. Counties must find a way to compensate.**

In the Ulster County town of Marbletown, 1 of every 7 homeowners is in property tax arrears. Ulster County has the highest rate of pre-foreclosure notices (90 days before foreclosure proceedings) per household in the state. The Bronx is #2. **

And it doesn't stop there.

Property tax levies continue to rise at more than twice the rate of inflation and salary growth. **

Sadly, unbelievably,

When a homeowner falls behind in property tax payments, the county can foreclose, auction the house, and keep all proceeds - back taxes, interest and the remaining home equity. The homeowner loses everything. That's one of the ways the county "makes whole" the required tax collection. **

It's time for change.
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